Pete & Leslie

In 2003, after two years of searching, Leslie and I purchased fifty-seven acres in Washington County, Indiana, about midway between Bloomington and Louisville.


This property has the mix of about 75% wooded and 25% open that we wanted, with the open acres located in the middle of the property, for privacy and to protect us from spray drift from conventionally-farming neighbors. There is a nice hill with gentle east and north - sloping faces for fruit trees, with area for a garden and a promising place for a pond below.

The land seems to have been farmed and used as pasture for many years, and as is often the case with old agricultural land in this country, the soil showed the effects of hard use. Soil tests and a survey of the plants growing indicated poor fertility and a very low level of organic matter. Soil


building would be a top priority, along with building a house.

By the fall of 2005, with a lot of help from family and friends, we had moved to our new farm, which we named Lost Pond Farm, in honor of a story told to use by an elderly neighbor about an earlier owner of our land. He was surprised one morning to see that a pond for watering livestock had disappeared overnight, emptying into the karst below.